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Reason & Faith

Apologetics COURSE 

About Us

About our courses.

Reason & Faith Apologetics offers free classes to anyone on a variety of world views.


Students may register for one or more terms. This is strictly an audited course. No


certificates of accreditation shall be awarded only a certificate of participation will be


issued upon completion of three terms or more. 

Our Christian Principles.




God is three persons of one divine substances.



All have sinned against their creator God and are in need of salvation from the wages


of their sin which is eternal death and Hell. The only one that can save man is God.


God set about to save mankind in the following way. The Divine word of God took on


human flesh (Jesus of Nazareth) miraculously by the Holy Spirit and through a woman


as Prophesied in the Torah and by the Prophets. He preached repentance from a


sinful life, the forgiveness of God, and the belief in Him  as the only way to salvation


(eternal life). His death was the sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins. This provided the


blood which was offered as an atonement for mankind's sins. He (Jesus) rose from the


dead and will come again to judge the living and the dead. 



Everything in the Universe was created by a pre-existing, eternal, timeless, immaterial, all-powerful, all-knowing, personal being also known as God, in six literal days and not by evolutionary theories. 

Inerrancy of Scripture:  

Scripture in its entirety is inerrant, free from falsehood and deceit. Believers must confess the total authority of scripture. We must all bring ourselves into subjection of God's word. Scripture is its own best interpreter.  God and His scriptures are the only truth on matters pertaining to nature, history and anything else. The Bible is a factual, historical book.  Nothing, including scientific hypotheses can overthrown what scripture teaches about creation.

Our mission:

Our mission is the great commission of our Lord Jesus which is to evangelise the lost


and strengthen believers. We pray that the kingdom of God will be enlarged through


this ministry and lives transformed.


We are all apologists. While apologies or defenses of the Christian faith go all the way


back to the first century, the formal apologetics is a more recent development. The


leading apologists prior to the Reformation, notably Augustine, Anselm, and Thomas


Aquinas. Apologetics has continued until today.


Of course, we often use apologetic as an adjective, as when we speak about apologetic issues


or William Paley’s apologetic thought.”


“Apologetics, on the other hand, has been used in at least three ways. Perhaps most,


commonly it,


1-refers to the discipline concerned with the defense of the faith. (a branch of


knowledge, typically one studied in higher education)

2-Second, it can refer to a general grouping of approaches or systems developed for


defending the faith, as when we speak about evidentialist apologetics or Reformed


apologetics (focus on revelation-God said it).


3-Third, it is sometimes used to refer to the practice of defending the faith—as the activity of


presenting an apology or apologies in defense of the faith".

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