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Gen 9:6 [KJV]) Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

What is abortion.

  1. Christian view: The killing of a human or living organism. The majority of anti-abortion voices condemn abortion at any point of pregnancy as a grave sin.

  2. Feminists view: the termination of a parasite. They have the right to choice (Atheism and God gave freedom of choice). Their body their decision not God’s. Pregnancy slows down a woman’s progress.

  3. Secular view: the termination a person.

  4. Evolutionary view: it’s just another animal that dies there is no wrong because helps the species.

  5. Other: no definition.

Reasons people give for termination/ killing/abortion.

  • It is human but not a person.

  • To control population.

  • It’s my body.

  • I have the right decide what happens to my body.

  • It was the result of rape.

  • The child has a deformity.

  • The child may have a mental disorder.

  • The mother may die.

  • The cells have no feeling, no brain, no memory.

When does human life begin? At conception or zygote or embryo cell?

Is abortion, man replacing the role of God. Only God has the right to terminate/kill.


  1. Spermicide and other contraceptions that prevent conception seem to be morally accepted.

  2. Morning after pill. If the egg is fertilized it won’t work. Morning-after pills  lower the risk of pregnancy by delaying or stopping the release of an egg from your ovary. Once an egg is released from your ovary, it usually lives in your reproductive system for about 12 to 24 hours. Sperm, though, can live inside the female reproductive system for as many as five days just waiting for an egg to show up. If you ovulate during that time, the sperm and egg can meet and cause pregnancy. If you take a morning-after pill, any swimmers left lingering around your uterus can't reach an egg to fertilize it, therefore a pregnancy is prevented from ever happening.

Is abortion /baby killing addressed in the scriptures. Exodus 21:22-25, Gen 26: 2:7. Col 1:16-18. Jer 1:5. Gal 1:15. Deu 5:17. Ex 20:13.

The saddest part about abortion arguments is how clearly it shows how little most people thought give their own world view. Most of these people either have contradictory logic built into their world view and don't even realize it, or (worse) they are aware of the implication of their logic and are ok with the final conclusion they've arrived at. But clearly, most people here probably just believe what they believe because that's what the cultural narrative is telling them they should believe in. Everyone around them believes this, so obviously the majority belief must be the one to rally behind. They've followed suit with little to no analysis into the internal logic of what they've chosen to believe. They have eyes but don't see, and ears but don't hear. We can try to correct their logic as much as we want, but the truth of the matter is, without the Holy Spirit, they'll never be able to understand why we hold the positions we do at a heart level. So in the end, we need to witness to and pray for them. And trust God with the outcome.

When we do not use the new language to colour then we expose child killers to the raw meaning of the words. For e.g. PRO-CHOICE (The freedom to kill an unborn child without moral repercussions.)


"A convenient option for killing an unborn child is when the unborn child is an inconvenience".

UNWANTED PREGNANCY (Deep dislike for an unborn child because of the way it was conceived; or because of a perceived deformity, such that, the child must be exterminated.) When people stop using the flowery language and realized what those flowery words actually mean – their conscience seems to affect them more and they contemplate about their actions.

Rapists, murderers, and thieves get to live lives behind bars, yet the innocent baby can be murdered in the womb. This is how you know there is mental illness in society. These criminals have more rights than the helpless innocent.

Responding to arguments: Prolife arguments are religious and scientific. When you see ultrasounds and the life in the womb that’s convincing. Many people don’t respond well to the Bible but they do to science because that is where they are at (Jesus and the woman at the well-have a conversation that the person will respond too well).

The line must be drawn at conception or not at all.

1. A feotus in the 1st trimester doesn’t have moral value. Response- when does a human begin moral value, is it with a heart beat because they are people who are on a pace maker, is it lung function -people are on artificial respirators, is it brain function-we sleep which is low brain function and new born babies brain function are low.

2. You don’t have the right to impose your views on another woman’s body. We make moral judgements all the time when we see a violation of moral law this is why we have moral / murder laws


Planned Parenthood.

Was founded by Margaret Sanger who said, “we do not want word to go out that we want to terminate the Negro population.”   

“Today, the nation’s largest abortion chain centers its work around destroying the most vulnerable group of human beings today – babies in the womb.

Planned Parenthood performs more than 300,000 abortions each year, many on babies from low-income and minority families, and spends millions lobbying to keep abortion on demand legal and readily available.

These discriminatory practices run all the way back to its founder, Margaret Sanger. A well-known eugenicist, Sanger wrote and spoke frequently about how certain groups of human beings were less valuable than others.”


I'm a


What is euthanasia: from the Greek prefix eu, good or easily, and thanatos, death.

This can be seen as a logical consequence of the acceptance of evolution as truth and, therefore, the rejection of God’s authority in the Bible. With belief in evolution, the absolutes of God’s Word are lost and hence right and wrong become a matter of individual opinion. After all, if we have all evolved, we are the only ones who can decide what is right and no one else can tell us what to do. However, the Bible is not silent on the issue of euthanasia and we find in His Word the foundation for defending the value of human life.

Reasons for euthanasia: “Dying is not a crime” – Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

  • Is it killing (unnatural death) or allowing death to come naturally? Should we be forced to live if we don’t want to?

  • Some argue it is situational for e.g. if your body has failed and is going to die on its own and you are dying should you die or should you be hooked up to medicines and held alive.

  • However, if your body can recover well but you want to die should anyone stop you from dying.

Did God support people taking lives/killing. No. (Gen 9:6 [KJV]) Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

Does adding the word ‘mercy’ before killing make it right. No

Is euthanasia a sin? If a person is dying in tremendous pain and you trying to put them out their pain chop off their head, did you kill them yes, did you ease the pain yes. Even if they tell you to pull the trigger it will still be killing.

If a persons says, “next time I go into a coma do not touch me”, and you do not revive the person is this killing? No it is not.

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